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General Dentistry Townsville

General Dentistry Townsville


Dentist at Healthlink is proud to announce that we are an amalgam free practice. Instead of the traditional silver fillings which are also known as mercury containing amalgam, we opt to provide our patients with white fillings that will not upset your smiles or confidence. Our state-of-the-art practice provides cosmetic dental fillings using the latest high strength composite materials to restore function and retain the aesthetics of your smile. With our cosmetic dental fillings, not only will your smile remain beautiful but only you and your dentist will know you had a filling!

Replacing Old Fillings

Amalgam fillings can become stained and leak around the margins over a period of 5-7 years. Margins that are not closely sealed against the tooth are susceptible to developing secondary decay, this could be quite unsightly, upsetting and painful if left to progress towards the nerve of the tooth. The good news is our highly trained dentists are skilled at replacing old fillings with our new natural-tooth coloured filling materials!

In addition, Dentist at Healthlink is a Mercury/Amalgam free clinic but we can certainly replace old amalgam restorations for you safely.

Inlays and Onlays

These restorations are made from porcelain providing superior aesthetics, strength, adaptability and longevity. These types of restorations are ideal for moderate to heavily broken down back teeth as they protect the remaining tooth structure and reinforce it against heavy biting forces. Our dental team would be happy to provide you with further information about these restorations at our clinic.



At Dentist at Healthlink we understand that having limited to no teeth not only make chewing troublesome but also affects your smile and confidence. Therefore, we are fully committed to providing you with numerous options to replace these gaps with artificial teeth to enhance your chewing ability and beautiful smiles!

Our denture services includes
• Implant retained complete dentures
• Complete acrylic (plastic) dentures
• Partial metal alloy dentures
• Partial acrylic (plastic) dentures

We are skilled at providing you with full and partial dentures – whilst making sure that the fit of the denture, its aesthetics and your comfort is our primary priority.

In addition to improving your chewing ability, dentures play a tremendous role in enhancing your smile and confidence. Therefore Dentist at Healthlink involves you in every step of your treatment process especially during the teeth colour selection to meet your aesthetics expectations!

We understand that getting used to any prosthesis in the mouth takes time and our dentists are happy to assist patients with problems which may arise with new dentures. Furthermore, we encourage our patients to come back if they have any additional concerns regarding their new prosthesis.

Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment is a procedure performed to save a tooth that might otherwise need to be extracted. The aim of the treatment is to remove the inflamed and infected nerve tissue and filling the nerve space with a well sealed bio-compatible material. There are several causes that leads to inflammation of the tooth nerve, these include: decay, deep filling with poor marginal seal, repeated dental procedures on a tooth, crack or chip in the tooth.

The treatment itself involves several appointments to remove the infected nerve tissues, followed by careful cleaning and removal of all debris and residual tissues inside the nerve chamber prior to restoring it with a bio-compatible material. Generally a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment requires a strong filling or crown to protect it against leakage of bacteria into the canals. In fact, root canal treatments have often failed due to a lack of protective filling or crown after the treatment.

Our highly trained dentists believe in implementing the latest technology available on the market to ensure the treatments are successful with excellent long term outcomes, as well as guaranteeing a comfortable experience in the chair for our patients. If you are in Townsville and would like to enquire further about root canal treatment or are in need of one, book a consult with us at Dentist at Healthlink!


At Dentist at Healthlink, we encourage our patients to maintain their natural teeth where possible, but if extraction is the preferred or only option we can certainly extract the tooth for you. Our dentists provide extraction services ranging from simple to surgical extractions.

We also provide surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth in office under local anaesthesia or inhalation sedation (Laughing Gas)! However, for our patients’ benefit we may refer very complex cases of impacted wisdom teeth to an oral surgeon for removal.

Our dentists will discuss what to expect during the procedure and the risks involved prior to removing your tooth. It is important to disclose your medical status and any current or past medications prior to having an extraction. Instructions and advice on how to best look after the wound will be discussed with you by the dentist and a printed copy will be provided for you to take home.